Decluttr vs Gazelle Review – Everything You Need To Know

Selling old electronic gadgets via Decluttr vs Gazelle has been a quick way to make money online. However, even though both companies are solid options, they both have differences in the way they run their businesses, especially how much they buy certain technologies.

So if you’re new to this or have been trading with other online tech purchasing platforms, then you need to pay attention to this review so that you’ll know which platform, between Decluttr and Gazelle, is the best one for you to sell your old tech stuff.

Note: Both platforms have tens of thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. This should serve as a vote of confidence right away.

What is Decluttr?

Decluttr is a recognized online site where you can conveniently sell your old tech gadgets. It is a company that offers negative to zero risk of trading and, above all, offers more for any tech stuff compared to other trading platforms, including Gazelle.

Decluttr was founded by Steve Oliver and Walter Gleeson back in 2014 and the company has been the fastest-growing reselling business in the US. Maintaining respect while providing the best and most valuable services to their customers across America.

The company’s services are easy to access and top-notch. Tech owners who have traded with them confessed that their customer service is fast and their payments come quickly without issues.

Plus, Decluttr does not request complex information about your device when you intend to sell it. You’ll only be required to provide the model, the make version of your device, and lastly, the condition and you’re good to go.

One reason why people prefer trading with Decluttr over Gazelle is the fact that they value whatever device is brought to them to buy better than Decluttr.

What is Gazelle?

Unlike Decluttr, Gazelle is an old-timer in the world of old-tech buying and reselling. The company has been in business since 2006. Probably why they seem to offer lower prices for tech stuff compared to Decluttr.

Gazelle has recorded trade-ins amounting to 19 million to back up their credibility, and if there’s anything you should always keep in mind while trading, it’s the credibility of the company involved.

One other thing that Gazelle does that places them on the radar of everyone is the fact that they advertise certain programs on social media that allow their customers and potential customers to benefit more from any trade done between them.

In essence, there are programs that Gazelle offers to traders that place them on the spot to benefit more from the trade. For instance, Gazelle has a 30-day lock period that can be extended to 45 days. It allows lucky sellers to guarantee a certain price for their old phones while anticipating the new ones.

This program allows you, the seller, to maintain the value of your old phone even if a newer model is made available without losing the value of your old phone.

Additionally, Gazelle has a swift alternative to mailing your phone before being paid. They have affiliations like EcoATM that have thousands of stores scattered across the US that you can just walk to, allow your device to be electronically evaluated, and then get paid in cash.

All in all, the process does not take up to 10 minutes, and you’re done walking away with cash.

Price Differences between Decluttr vs Gazelle

The major difference between Decluttr vs Gazelle is the price. We’ve had so many users of both trade-in services share their experiences. In this part of the article, we will be listing the cashed-in prices of devices that are mostly sold to both Decluttr and Gazelle based on the experience of regular users of individual services.

Mobile Phone Prices

iPhone 11 (128GB)

  • Decluttr: $433
  • Gazelle: $299

Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB)

  • Decluttr: $307
  • Gazelle: $239

Google Pixel 4 (128GB)

  • Decluttr: $324
  • Gazelle: $279

The price difference between Decluttr and Gazelle is significant when it comes to mobile phones. Even though how each service buys a phone determines the profit they make at the end of the day, Decluttr seems to not be focused on profit just yet, but on satisfying their customers in the meantime.

Tablets Prices

iPad Pro 11” Apple, (2018) Wi-Fi 256GB

  • Decluttr: $460
  • Gazelle: $407

iPad Apple, (2018) 9.7” Wi-Fi 128GB

  • Decluttr: $145
  • Gazelle: $117

Gazelle also takes the lead when it comes to reselling tablets. Even though Apple iPads are the only ones listed here, we figured that is because they are currently the best in the market, hence why they are regularly being re-sold.

Video Game Consoles

Decluttr is the only option for you when you want to re-sell your game console. Other platforms do buy game consoles, but the price Decluttr offers is better than all, hence why we didn’t include them in this list.


Core i7 MacBook Pro 1.4 12”

  • Decluttr: $800
  • Gazelle: $773

Core i5 MacBook Air 1.6 13”

  • Decluttr: $540
  • Gazelle: $328

As expected, Gazelle does not offer as much as Decluttr when it comes to Laptops. However, there might be other brands of laptops that Gazelle purchases better than Decluttr. This section of the comparison is for Apple Macs only.

How to Sell Your Device on Decluttr Vs Gazelle

Regardless of which service you decide to use, you’ll be on the safer side of the deal if you take precautionary steps, even before mailing your device for sale.

These steps are not complex but will save you a lot of stress and probable disappointment.

Clean Your Device

The first step to selling your device is to rid it of any personal items. These can be stickers, or dirt as the case may be.

Your Device Category

Oftentimes, you will be asked about the current condition of your device before mailing it for a proper evaluation. The questions you’ll be asked are easy, but if you fail to provide adequate information or place your device in the appropriate category, then your device will be returned to you.

The questions are, in most cases, like these.

Faulty: This category is mainly for devices that are faulty and not functional. Probably damaged to an extent.

Poor: This category is mainly for devices that are fully functional but are already wearing out.

Good: This category is mainly for fully functional devices and shows only minimum signs of wear.

Almost New: This category is mainly for devices that are fully functional and show no sign of wear. They have everything intact. Including their original packaging.


Above all, Decluttr is the best platform for you to resell your devices. They are reliable and will offer a better bargain for your device. As long as you meet their trading requirements and your device is evaluated to meet their standards, you can rest assured of a done deal.

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