Shipt Vs Doordash: Which App Pays More (2024 Review)

Two of the most popular apps that can pay you fairly to deliver items are Shipt vs DoorDash. Both gigs are smart ways to make money on your own time, more like freelancing.

However, between the two, certain factors might make one more favorable for you, than the other one. Things like the activeness of the gig in your city, the cost of vehicle maintenance, and driver-beneficial programs that companies such as these two create to make life a bit easy for their drivers.

In the end, you will have to consider a lot more than base pay to figure out which one is the best app for you and luckily, this article is created out of personal experience and will help you with all you need to know.

What is Shipt?

Shipt, unlike DoorDash, is recognized as a grocery delivery company. Shipt drivers do more grocery shopping and deliveries and in some cases, medical supplies deliveries.

The delivery company operates in more than 5,000 locations and has more than 150 retail partners that sell products which include a long list of baby products, pet supplies, medications, and groceries that is their primary assignment.

Shoppers are required to accept an order, go to the grocery, shop and check out the order then deliver it to their customers, and then get paid for their services.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a popular food delivery company with a specialty in picking up food orders from restaurants and delivering them to the customer. In some cases, Dashers pick up orders from stores as well.

As of when this article was written, DoorDash operates in more than 5,500 cities scattered across North America. Which is bigger than Shipt, with thousands of restaurants affiliated to them.

DoorDash makes for a more flexible side hustle since you can decide the time to start working, and when not to and it wouldn’t affect your track record. Plus any time you do feel like working, there is an order waiting for you which is unlike Shipt where you might have to wait long to get an order.

One major difference between Shipt vs DoorDash so far is the flexibility. As a Dasher, you can deliver orders using your bike or even scooter and in some cases, you can walk there. Whereas with Shipt, you must own a car.

Shipt Vs DoorDash Earnings

On Average, DoorDash drivers stand to earn more than Shipt drivers, but that is if they utilize the upper hand they have against Shoppers. Here is how they work:

Shipt Drivers Pay

According to statistics, each Shipt driver is capable of earning $20 per hour. That is if the driver is busy enough with orders and not lagging or having to wait long hours before receiving an order from a customer.

Additionally, Shipt drivers stand a chance to earn up to $22 per hour. But there is a catch that is having to complete 100 deliveries which in most cases is impossible since there are not many Shipt orders coming in.

But on a good day, as a Shipt driver, you can be able to meet up with this requirement and earn more than your colleagues do. One more thing to keep in mind is that Shipt allows its drivers to keep 100% of the tips they receive while on duty.

DoorDash Drivers Pay

On average, DoorDash drivers earn up to $23 an hour for starters. And just like Shipt, some programs are capable of boosting this amount to a higher figure. If Dashers meet up with the requirements.

Additionally, pay for DoorDash drivers depends on things like the distance between the order pickup and dropoff location. And also the waiting time for the driver to pick up the order.

Occasionally, some events trigger an instant increase in pay for DoorDash drivers. This specifically is known as Surge Pricing. This is when the orders available counter and overshadow the number of drivers that are available online. Forcing customers to wait longer than they have to for their deliveries to arrive.

If customers don’t want to wait long, they will pay more to be prioritized. And just like Shipt, DoorDash also allows its drivers to keep 100% of their tips.

Differences Between Shipt and DoorDash

Even though most of the requirements set by the two apps for potential drivers are the same, they share notable differences that are essential to ignore.

Company Availability

Truly, both apps are very popular. However, DoorDash has the upper hand in availability because it operates in more than 5,500 cities compared to the 5,000 operational locations of Shipt. That means more work for you as a Dasher.

Company Functionality

As a driver of DoorDash, you can function anytime you want. This includes choosing when to work. There will always be an order waiting for you. Unlike Shipt where you might wait for hours before getting an order, even when you want to work.

Vehicle Requirement

DoorDash doesn’t have a specific requirement when it comes to your delivery method. You will be a Dasher as long as you have a scooter, bike, or car. In selected cities, DoorDash can allow you to deliver by walking to the locations.

Shipt prefers applicants with spacious vehicles like SUVs, or 1997 Trucks. If you have a bike, or scooter and just that, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SHIPT!!

Additionally, you will be mandated to lift 45 pounds because most of the items you’ll be shopping will equal that scale eventually.

You may check the requirements of DoorDash for more information on the eligibility to become a Dasher.

Company Primary Assignment

The primary assignment of DoorDash drivers is to wait in line (in rare cases) pick up an order from the restaurant and then deliver it to the customer.

With Shipt, your primary assignment is to get an order from a customer, go to the store do some grocery shopping, and then deliver to your customer.

In some cases, as a shopper, you might receive an order that varies with your primary assignment. Shoppers say those orders often earn them more than average.

Driver Pay

This is perhaps the most important part of the article. As a DoorDasher, you’ll be paid once a week through a direct bank deposit. This deposit is free. However, you can decide to beat the 7-day cycle and withdraw your earnings every day. This will attract a fee of $1.99 per withdrawal.

In this aspect, Shoppers are on the better side. Aside from the weekly payment, you can also withdraw your earnings every day as a Shopper, and this will attract a fee of $0.50, which is highly considerable compared to DoorDash’s.

Shipt Vs Doordash: Conclusion

Above all, you truly stand to make more money as a DoorDasher. DoorDash is also considerable to applicants. Once you pass the background check which you will have to consent to through application, you can be rest assured of being hired.

The case is not the same with Shipt. There are so many boxes you may not be able to check should you apply to work with them. The vehicle requirement for instance might be an obstacle. But if you aspire to work with Shipt, it’s nothing you can’t handle. It is, to an extent, the best side hustle.

Lastly, DoorDash is a busier app than Shipt. If you are a hard worker, then it is the best app for you and will pay you more.

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