Gazelle Review: How It Works Complete Overview

One online tech reselling platform that has managed to stay on the lips of every old tech owner is Gazelle. That is because we mostly keep our old phones or tabs when we get a new one since we don’t usually get the right price off anywhere in the market even if we intend on selling it and that’s where Gazelle comes in.

Gazelle is willing, able, and ready to help you get rid of your old devices. As long as they are in good shape. And they pay fairly for them, which is why they are always on the lips of everyone.

By the end of the day, you’ll end up making some cool cash from your old stuff. Even trade in your old device for a new one by adding some money through Gazelle.

In this review, we will take a look at how Gazelle operates. And mention some key things to keep in mind when trading with the company.

What Is Gazelle?

For the benefit of those who are joining us for the first time. Gazelle is a company that buys your used devices and resells them to new customers.

When you visit the company’s website for the first time, what you’ll see is that it is an “eCommerce” company that sells pre-owned electronics after buying them from verified owners who sell them to them for an upgrade to a better model, or just for the cash.

Gazelle has been operating since 2006 and so far, they have satisfied millions of customers who operate with them. As of late 2013, Gazelle had received more than a million dollars in revenue alone. The marketing revenue of the eCommerce industry was estimated to exceed $14 billion by 2015. Now look how far we’ve come with Gazelle earning its fair share of the revenue.

One thing to keep in mind is there’s no way you will grow in this line of business if you don’t satisfy the customers who trade with you.

What You Can Sell to Gazelle

Yes, Gazelle is here to rid you of any old electronic item you no longer need. However, the eCommerce company has managed to maintain respect as well as profit. Because it restricts its purchases to certain models or brands which we will discuss here.

  • Apple Phones
  • Samsung Phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • IPods
  • Apple TVs

If you own an old collection of the brands mentioned above, you can sell them to Gazelle. They will surely buy them at a fair price.

Even though other factors can greatly affect the resale price like the space of the device. If it is a phone, laptop, or tablet, and also the condition of the device, Gazelle can pay you $423 for an iPhone 14 that is in good condition.

You can also expect to earn roughly $384 for an iPhone 13 that is in good shape and is unlocked.

User Privacy

Gazelle also takes care of your data. Just in case you forget to wipe your device before sending it to them, so you have nothing to worry about when it gets to a new user.

How to Sell to Gazelle

Before you will be able to sell to Gazelle, you’ll need to have an account with them to enable you to access their services. The signup process is very easy. You’ll only be required to provide your email address, a strong password, and your first and last name and you’re good to go.

After that, you will be able to post your item for sale and get a quote. According to Gazelle, it takes no more than 2 minutes to get a quote after posting your item. If you pass every credibility check, you will be provided with the required items to enable you to ship your device and then get paid through a payment method you provide.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how to go about it.


The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the Gazelle online website is the “Sell” button. To get a quote for the item you want to sell, you’ll click that button and be prompted to select the type of device you want to sell.

In most cases, there will be a variety of brands you can choose from. Other times, you will have to use sophisticated search terms to get your device section.

After that is done, you will then put in the IMEI number of your device, if it is a mobile phone, and then you will receive an offer that is backed by Gazelle.

You can also receive an estimate of the item you intend on selling if you include your device’s capacity, carrier, and model.

Device Condition

Still in the process of getting a quote, you will be asked a few questions that relate to the condition of your device. 

This is your chance to describe your device as it is because if by chance you ship your device to Gazelle and they discover any problem that contradicts your description, they reserve the right to send back your device or offer you a lower price compared to the initial agreement.


After going through the verification process, the next step is to click the “Get Paid” button. Upon clicking that button, you will be redirected to where you’ll enter your email address which will be used to inform you of further processes like shipment details.

Additionally, you will be asked to provide your payment details which mostly vary between;

Check: Arrives within 10 business days.

Amazon Gift Card: You earn approximately 1.5% of your initial price.

Paypal: This directs payment into your bank account.

Note: After choosing a payment option, you will be asked to provide your address and also how you intend to ship the Device that you’re selling to Gazelle. The information you provide will be used to create a shipping label for you so that you can ship for free.


Once you’ve certified everything, you will ship your device off to Gazelle using the shipping labels provided by them.

Usually, it takes not more than 10 business days for your device to reach Gazelle. After that, your device will be checked to verify all the information you have provided and then you will be paid.

In rare cases, if the device does not completely match the description provided by the seller, Gazelle notifies the seller through the provided email address and then allows the user to choose between recycling the device, or for them to return the device, or paying a lesser amount for it.

Tips To Selling Your Device on Gazelle

  • Clean your device and ready it for sale
  • Compare the prices from other sites like Gazelle
  • Be completely honest about the condition of your device
  • Ship your device ASAP and make sure to remove any other label on the shipping box

Conclusion – Gazelle Review

Gazelle was compared to Decluttr and they still come out as the best in some aspects like paying fair for specific brands of devices.

As long as the device you intend on selling is in good condition, then you have nothing to worry about. You will be offered a fair price for it and within 2 weeks, you should have sold it already.

The only issue with Gazelle is the fact that they are picky with what they buy. Aside from that, it is the best platform to resell your old electronic devices. They are fast and extremely reliable with few cases of disappointments compared to their alternatives.

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