Cloudworkers Review: Get Paid As A Chat Moderator (2024 Review)

This is a Cloudworkers review, a platform that pays you to become an online chat moderator working from the comfort of your home. For people searching for a side hustle, this review will help you decide whether CloudWorkers side hustle is good for you.

Your job would be to interact with customers online about general topics, address their issues, and so forth. And will pay you for it. Another website like CloudWorkers is E-Moderators, you can also check out this E-Moderators Review.

CloudWorkers Review – Online Chat Moderator Job

In this CloudWorkers review article, we’ll find out the aspects of the chat moderator job they provide and focus on and whether you can make money on the Cloudworkers platform.

CloudWorkers Review: What is CloudWorkers?

CloudWorkers is a company that provides chat moderators that are based around the world. Moderators have the opportunity to earn a reliable income and potential room for career growth. The only thing you need is a computer and a stable internet connection.

Cloudworkers’ website is available in over 20 languages. The platform is seeking chatroom moderators from all around the world.

CloudWorkers Job Requirements

To become a chat moderator on Cloudworkers, these are the requirements.

  • Computer
  • Stable internet connection
  • Competent language skills
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Open to adult dialogues
  • Work a minimum of 12 hours per week

How To Apply For The CloudWorkers Chat Moderator Job

To apply for a CloudWorkers job, simply fill in the contact form on their website. This will take just a few minutes to complete. After filling in the contact form you will be contacted by a CloudWorker representative who will explain to you what to expect. For example your role as a chat moderator, etc. You will also have to complete a one-hour training session via Skype and submit a photo ID to prove you’re at least 18 years old before you start work at CloudWorkers

You will be shown in detail how their system works, what is expected of you, and how much money you may anticipate to make during the training.

Cloudworkers Review Job Application Process

  • Fill in the contact form on their website
  • Complete a one-hour Skype training session
  • Submit a valid photo ID

CloudWorkers Review FAQs

How Much CloudWorkers Online Chat Moderators Make

It’s really hard to determine how much money CloudWorkers make since their pay is based on their performance. However, CloudWorkers pays $0.053 cents per message sent. Therefore, you will have to send hundreds of thousands of messages to make a decent amount of money.

What Kind Of Chats Does CloudWorkers Moderate

You will be working on various dating and flirting platforms (adult dating sites, for example), where users pay to communicate.

CloudWorkers Legit to Chat Moderators, Scam To Clients

CloudWorkers is a legit company for chat moderators however, it’s a scam to clients using dating sites linked or controlled by CloudWorkers.

Clients that are sent to CloudWorkers usually think they’re chatting with someone real, who wants something legit with them. On the contrary, it’s just some random guy or lady trying to squeeze money out of their pocket.

When Does CloudWorkers Make Payment

According to the CloudWorkers site, payments are made within the first 10 business days of the month for the work done in the prior month. Payments are made to your bank transfer or PayPal transfer.

is CloudWorkers Legit or a Scam?

To answer your question, yes CloudWorkers is a legit way to make money as a chat moderator, especially for adult sites but a scam for clients that moderators chat with.

CloudWorkers Review Conclusion

To conclude our Cloudworkers review, it’s definitely possible to make money on CloudWorkers as long you’re willing to put in long hours every day. CloudWorkers is legit for chat moderators hired by the company but it’s a scam for the clients the moderators chat with.

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