Easy Way To Earn $100 a Day Blogging: What You Need To Know

Here is an article on the easy way to earn $100 a day blogging. You sure would love to read this guide!

Working online can be very lucrative and it will pay once you to learn how to make money blogging. It’s not the easiest task to start working online, but in return, you could make money while you sleep!

Step 1: Create two blogs

Create two blogs on different domain names. Make sure one of your blogs is in English and another is not. For example, you can create an English language website on WordPress and also create a Chinese language website on Weebly. This will increase your traffic and make you more money because you are increasing your audience.

Step 2: Write articles

Write articles about anything that interests you, whether it’s sports or politics or fashion. Just be sure that it’s interesting enough to capture people’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

Step 3: Post different contents in each blog

Before posting content on each blogs, you need to learn how to do it effectively. Its easy and interesting once you start getting results. I have created different contents that are used in each blogs by using google chrome extension known as Tab Sniffer.

This extension shows all open tabs of a user including URLs, recently visited domains and much more. To use it simply install tab sniffer from Chrome store and then click on chrome menu icon (top right corner) then select Tools > Extensions > Tab Sniffer. Now when you visit any website its URL will be stored in your Google drive account which can be accessed through tab sniffer option after installing it.

Step 4: Promote your new blogs

Now that you have your new blogs setup, it’s time to promote them. This means putting some time into searching for people in your niche and doing what it takes to get them on your site as readers and/or customers. You don’t need links or any outside traffic at first. You just need to find 10-20 people who will read your content and take action based off of it. If you can do that consistently, then you’ll be able to build an audience over time.
Here are some ideas: Search google for people talking about your topic and leave comments. Don’t spam, but make sure they know you exist. Search through forums related to your topic and post relevant comments with a link back to your site.

Step 5: Get paid from your AdSense account

Once you start earning money with AdSense, you’ll want to be paid out quickly. One of our experts can help by setting up direct deposit once you hit $100, so you can cash out instantly.


Is it possible to make easy way to earn 100$ a day blogging?

You can definitely make 100 dollars per day on average from blogging if you do it right. The thing is, it’s not going to happen overnight for anyone but with hard work and persistence and maybe even a little bit of luck you should be able to hit that goal eventually.

So how do you get there? Here are some tips When creating your site or writing your content, remember to focus on quality over quantity. If your content isn’t relevant or interesting enough people won’t stick around.

There will always be someone else putting out better stuff than you so don’t spend too much time trying to compete directly with them instead think about what makes your content unique and valuable then share that value with others in an interesting way through social media and networking opportunities.

How much a beginner blogger can earn?

If you are one of those bloggers who want to make their career in blogging and looking for how much you can earn as a blogger, then it is highly recommended that you should start your journey with earning money by promoting other people’s affiliate products.

In order to get started, all you have to do is find an affiliate program that has products relevant for your niche. When choosing an affiliate program, focus on which niche or category it falls under and see if it will be beneficial for your audience.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger, look for affiliate programs related to fashion and beauty. Also check out what commissions they offer per sale/lead/click etc., so that you can decide whether it would be worth promoting their product or not. Once you sign up for an affiliate program, create a website about it so that more people know about it too!

You can expert to earn between $50 to $500 as a beginner blogger if you put out better contents and build an audience.

How do I start a blog and get paid?

Starting a successful and profitable personal-blogging business isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.

If you want to make money blogging, you have to be committed. It takes time, effort, and an ability to adapt especially when it comes to making money from your site or niche.

Which kind of blogs make money?

There are many different kinds of blogs that make money, but which ones make real money? Well, let’s start with three main categories: high-traffic, ad-based sites; affiliate sales; and product sales. High-traffic blogs can be very profitable because they have so much traffic coming in.

The most successful bloggers have thousands or even millions of page views per month and some even have advertising deals where they get paid for every thousand views or clicks their site gets. These ads can generate quite a bit of income if your traffic is big enough.


Now that you know how much money you can make by blogging, I highly recommend getting started. After all, why wait until tomorrow? You could be earning $100 or more per day if you start writing now. So sign up for your free blogger account, start creating content for your site, and get ready to see some cash come in!

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